A short analysis of the Lakhimpur Kheri incident

This country is slowly and steadily, moving towards a great disaster. A fortnight ago everyone saw the video when an Assamese Muslim man was beaten to death and then a crazy member of Godi media jumped over his half-dead body repeatedly and the security forces were seen hugging and praising him for his dear devil stunts and now here we have these farmers who were protesting from since September 2020, against the implementation of three farm law bills, that will threaten their livelihood, now as we all know 8 farmers were mowed down by a speeding Mahindra Thar, the innovative car built by Anand Mahindra for which he is so proud for coming up with this kind of a vehicle, I don’t know whether he’s still feeling proud now as his Thar was used to kill these poor farmers who were protesting peacefully at Lakhimpur Kheri and that car was driven by none other then Union minister Ajay Mishra’s son Ashish Mishra alias Monu was sitting in the car that mowed down protesting farmers and he also opened fire at them, according to an FIR lodged by the Uttar Pradesh Police.
Now as everyone watched the slow-motion video of this incident and no one could have decided at what speed the Thar was moving and now evidently one can easily say the vehicle was moving at around 60km/hr and it caught the farmers with sheer surprise and threw them like a pack of cards. The prime minister of this country is silent so are the other members of his government. His sitting cabinet ministers son is found responsible for a brazen cowardly act and that gentleman is denying his involvement although everyone had seen him on the spot of crime. Now to cover up this cowardly act, in the other part of the country a narcotic raid was carried out in which the Bollywood superstars son was caught in the cruise ship where a rave party was going on, and the people of this country were hoodwinked and the story of Lakhimpur Kheri was tried to put under the carpet, and we all know that rave party wasn’t Aryan Khans first he was caught to divert the public attention because the UP elections are very near. This kind of politics and this kind of witch hunt that is being carried out will lead this country and the public to disaster.




I write to keep myself alive, and I do see the things, feel them and I try to give those feelings and experiences a shape in my own words.

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Thoughts of Phoenix

Thoughts of Phoenix

I write to keep myself alive, and I do see the things, feel them and I try to give those feelings and experiences a shape in my own words.

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