Dear Motherland

I will run again and cut
Through thy winds, and
Glide away from the sky,
I’ll Dive into thy rivers
And lakes. Around the
Burning smoky wood,
I will sing you a lullaby,
On the stary nights the
Crimson rays will reveal
Thy beautiful bosom,
In the deep dark forest
I can hear thy laughter
Thy wind will be hissing,
Inside my ears,
Calling me out
Into the wilderness,
Thy foamy ego, and thy
Pious attitude has taken
The acceptance of many.
And brave men carry their
Heart on their sleeves.
So that they can take
Just a glimpse of thy
Body adorned with
Precious pearls and jewels.
I’ll walk again on thy
Crispy red leaves in the fall.
I’ll watch the sunset and
The sunrise and thou will
Shower thy love and
Blessings on my wounded
Soul when I come back and
I’ll run again and cut
Through thy winds.



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Thoughts of Phoenix

Thoughts of Phoenix

I write to keep myself alive, and I do see the things, feel them and I try to give those feelings and experiences a shape in my own words.