Current Situation in Indian Administered Kashmir

As I took off and made my way through the narrow alleys and roads of downtown Srinagar, the November had drenched out the energy from the mighty sun, a big city woven and decorated with concertina wires, big oil drums, with trigger happy men in camouflage attire armed up to their teeth with automatic weapons had conquered the whole city. The cold currents rising from the Nigeen lake were drifting across the road, in the nearby garden some men were seen running, and a few were taking their afternoon naps under the mighty chinar trees, the road seemed a never-ending one. All the sad faces I came across had many questions to pose but nobody had enough courage left to ask them. As I continued my journey and I felt a pang inside my heart, over these years the things are where they were before and the only change I noticed was the deterioration of this land.
People have turned too much fragile here now, after witnessing too much bloodshed from the last three decades without any positive outcome, things have changed a lot, here the people are living with anxiety and stress-related disorders. I watched them very closely and I could sense their fear once they pass through the CRPF bunker, which had taken over the whole road, piles of sandbags were draped with a well-crafted and knitted covering of a net only to serve the purpose of keeping the apple away. These men, women, boys and girls don’t carry any weapons with them and they’ve no intentions to carry out any attack. But still, they aren’t being allowed to walk past by without getting their things properly frisked, everyone here is a potent threat to the democracy and emblem of the Indian constitution. Whatever plans and tactics India came out with all these years, but all backfired pretty badly and it further widened the gap between the New Delhi and Kashmir and today if we are witnessing the majority of the Kashmiris relished the victory of Pakistan over India in a recently held cricket match is because of the tactics India has been using in Kashmir over these years that pushed Kashmiris to the wall, from Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru to Narendra Modi none of them was able to win the hearts and minds of Kashmiris. Unfortunately, the same tactics are being used in the shape of PSA, UAPA against the young Kashmiris whether they belong to any journalist fraternity or they are aspiring doctors nobody is being left here without being targeted. India has not achieved anything in Kashmir over the past three decades and if the Indian government is going to behave like a warmonger in Kashmir with its backing coming from the fascist groups like RSS, Bajrang Dal and many other Hindutva wings, as the sky which is already being painted with red here every day, it will now turn all the meadows, lakes, rivers and gardens into the red as well.




I write to keep myself alive, and I do see the things, feel them and I try to give those feelings and experiences a shape in my own words.

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Thoughts of Phoenix

Thoughts of Phoenix

I write to keep myself alive, and I do see the things, feel them and I try to give those feelings and experiences a shape in my own words.

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