With these tattered clothes,
And a numb heart
I repeat all those vows thee once made
Those beautiful eyes,
A soft bosom where I laid
These walls, roof and these lamps,
Are witness to all your lies and mischief
In these worldly affairs,
We lost the kingdom
I lost the queen,
And thee lost thy king,
Nonetheless, we say,
True love never finds its shore
I wondered how lucky were we,
But alas failed,
We couldn’t retain it.
Every day I live,
was not less than a curse,
I can’t choke their words,
They shoot these arrows
With intense hate and force,
And most of them hit thy dwelling place,
Profusely I bleed,
You were watching silently
But preferred not to make any move,
With a grin on your face,
You turned away.



Unclaimed souls that were
Left behind in the harsh winter
Drenched in blood and snow

Didn’t utter a single sigh,
Failed to come out of
The state they always find

Themselves in, deserted by
Their loved ones, now
Developed incurable diseases,

Dying every day in pain,
Writhing on the death bed,
With no one around to feed

Their mournful mouths.
Dry, patched and stitched skin
Draining bile and pus, flies

Hovering around the open black
Wounds, with darkness, growing
In and around, the time passed

In sighs and sobs, sometimes a
A loud cry can take away the pain
And suffering for a while,

The clock in one of the corners
Of the dimly lit room ticks
Nonstop and works as a catalyst

And will pave way for the death
To take over the suffering and pain
Sobs and sighs no longer reverberate.



Photo credits: livingthrough.lenses (Instagram)

When my emotions touched the
Brim, overflowed it with an extraordinary
Words like a river hovering over

The stones, I’m being carried
Away by these winds and
I’m gliding on the thoughts,

Dreams, unfulfilled desires,
Broken promises, and heartbreaks
I still have enough courage to stand

Tall against currents of the failures
Of my life, this stillness of this
Water is rotting each and everything

That lives inside and around in its realm.
The Magic from my life has gone away,
I spent my days under this dark tree,

It has shunned its leaves in the spring.
No longer do I cherish mother nature,
I can’t help myself I’m getting

Dragged and draped, they put me
Inside the envelope without any address,
Unknowingly I travelled across

These dark places, were I found no light.
With no hand to carry me,
Without any heart next to beat with mine.



Bleeding from thousand cuts
Here I stand, my sleep is conquered
By hallucinations, I am being

Trampled by these running horses
And people have placed their bets
On them, why I wonder everyone

Is after my life, I’ve reached my limits
I can’t stretch anymore,
My bones are on the brink of mixing

Their jelly marrow with the aroma
Of dissent present in this air.
Here the birds chirping

Is replaced by the sound of guns
I no more heard the murmuring
Of the downside of River Sindh

And no more Liddar cradles
The stones, the water of Jehlum
From muddy is turning into red,

I’m all into this now and winning
Against the odds is something
I have endured these hardships

All my life, every drop of my blood
From the ground will raise thousands,
And they’ll pursue this path.



Thoughts of Phoenix

Thoughts of Phoenix

I write to keep myself alive, and I do see the things, feel them and I try to give those feelings and experiences a shape in my own words.